Miscellaneous Antique Southwestern Jewelry

Despite their inherent love of ornamentation and jewelry, the Indians of the Southwest did not learn to work with silver until the latter part of the 19th century. Before that they acquired the few silver ornaments they owned through trade with Hispanic settlers and neighboring Plains Indians. The Plains people had acquired their silver in trade with English, French and American trappers.

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SKU: MC-821

Navajo Ketoh
SKU: MC-822

Six beaded buttons
SKU: MC-823

Four old Navajo buttons
SKU: MC-824

Navajo box by Charlie Singer
SKU: MC-825

Navajo collar tips
SKU: MC-826

Navajo silver fluted button, 1930
SKU: MC-827

Navajo scallop button, 1930
SKU: MC-829

1930 Set ashtray/cigarette holder
SKU: MC-828

1920 Laguna pueblo Manta Pin
SKU: MC-830

SKU: MC-831

Navajo made Butler crumb catch
SKU: MC-832
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