Antique Hopi Kachinas

Kachinas are carved by the Hopi who live in the arid lands of northeastern Arizona.
The Hopi are bound together by their religion. One element of this multi-faced religion is the Kachina cult.

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Koshare 1940-50. 11"H
SKU: KCH-251

Shalako 1950, 20" H
SKU: KCH-252

Crow Mother B. Smith 1st Mesa "88" 13"H
SKU: KCH-253

Deer Dancer by Cecil Calnimptewa, 12.5" H
SKU: KCH-254

Owl Dancer, ca. 1970 ,16" H
SKU: KCH-255

Hawk, by Jon Cordero, 9.75" H
SKU: KCH-256

Antelope, 11"H
SKU: KCH-257

1970s Hoop Dancer By Juanita Clark, 17.75"H
SKU: KCH-258
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