Pueblo Pots

Few objects made by Native Americans have received as much attention as the pottery of Southwestern Pueblo Indians. With a background of skills developed over many hundreds of years, Pueblo potters have succeeded in producing an enviable record of artistic achievement.
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Zia Olla By Eleanor Pino-Griego
SKU: PT-841

Acoma-1900/1910· 7 1/2"H
SKU: PT-842

Zia Canteen 1910-1920's
SKU: PT-843

SKU: PT-844

SKU: PT-845

Jemez-8"H By: Juanita Fragua
SKU: PT-846

Hopi by Rachael Salmi. 7.75” H x 9” W app.Designs using old parrot designs
SKU: PT-847

Maricopa ca. 1910 Salt & Pepper Shakers 3.75”H x 3.75”W app.
SKU: PT-848
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